Wednesday, January 26, 2005

F.S.C. 0 - A.S.C. 1000

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On one side of the issue are those who don't understand
how anyone could disagree with the use of unviable
tissue. They just can't fathom why there would be
to enabling Superman to walk again. And on
the other side
are those standing so close to the dis-
cussions opposing the
devastating and abhorrent
practice of abortion that the real
topic of discussion
is lost.

Both groups have a blind spot. The curious thing
about blind
spots is that you can't see them. Let's
look at this from a sports
perspective. It's the first
half. And the score? Read the board.

Fetal Stem Cells 0 - Adult Stem Cells 1000s

It doesn't even sound like a game worth watching,
does it?

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