Thursday, January 13, 2005


1) phantasmagoria fan-taz-muh-GOR-ee-uh (noun)
: a shifting series or succession of things seen or
imagined, as in a dream.
: any constantly changing scene.

Phantasmagoria is from French phantasmagorie, from
phantasme, "phantasm" (from Greek, from phantazein,
make visible," from phantos, "visible," from phainein,
"to show") + -agorie, perhaps from Greek agora, "assembly."

"David Nixon created this version of the fairy tale -- a
phantasmagoria of grim goblins, dancing cushions, flying
fish and magical mirrors -- for his former company,
BalletMet Columbus, in 1997."
--Stephanie Ferguson, "Beauty and the Beast," The Guar-
dian, January 6, 2003

2) dapple dapp'l (intransitive verb)
: marked with spots or patches of a different color or
with light and shade, or to be marked in this way

Fifteenth century. Origin uncertain, perhaps formed from
dapple "blotch," or perhaps ultimately from apple,
perhaps from the shape of the fruit.