Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The Inescapable Way of Death -
On a Day Yet To Be

The death rate on planet earth is still one hundred
percent. This is a
sobering thought. It is the way
the world runs. All things wear down.
From the
moment we are born, we step closer and closer
to the grave. It
feels unnatural but it is inescapable.

The most prevailing argument against Christianity
is the problem of evil.
Many atheists, from the ancient
Epicurus to the modern Michael Tooley,
evoke this
argument to show that even if God did exist, He would
not be
worthy of worship. The argument says that
for God to be worthy of our
life devotion, He would
need to be powerful enough and loving enough to

prevent evil from happening. But since evil does
happen, then God must
not possess these qualities.
Therefore, He is not worthy of our worship.

A major part of this argument has been put to rest
by what is called the
"free will defense." This
argument says that evil can coexist in a
with God if there are other free creatures in that
universe who
could commit evil. Since there are
free creatures who can commit evil,
then it is not
illogical to say God can exist and is still worthy
worship. Those creatures that are capable of
committing such atrocities
are angels gone bad -
which we call demons-and humans gone bad -
includes all of us.

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