Tuesday, January 18, 2005

The Chief and the Thief

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It was centuries ago, when all of North America
belonged to its Native people. One nomadic
Indian tribe in the Great Plains was blessed with
a chief that was beloved and respected by every-
one who knew him. He was known as a man who
deeply loved his people, and he showed it - and
a man of absolute justice and fairness and he
showed that. One day some braves brought a
very troubling report to him; there had been
several mysterious thefts from people in the tribe.
The chief wanted to nip this kind of stealing in
the bud so he announced a severe penalty for
the thief. He would be tied to a post when the
sun was high, his back laid bare, and he would
be beaten with a whip twenty times. Then the
chief set a trap. He asked two of his trusted
braves to leave some animal pelts in front of
a teepee one night and to watch all night from
another tepee. It was the middle of the night
when one of those braves awakened the chief
with the news, "We've caught the thief." "Then
bring him in," the chief ordered sternly.