Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Montana Miracle

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The funeral plans for Matt were in the works. The Park Service
had announced that Matt was one of five people who had been
killed in a plane crash on a mountainside in Montana. The funeral
never happened. Suddenly, Matt's bereaved parents heard the
stunning news: although he had been badly injured, their son,
along with one other Forest Service worker, had just been
rescued alive, miles from the crash site. Rescue workers at
the scene of the crash had concluded that the charred wreckage
and the scattered human remains indicated that the crash had
been "insurvivable," they said. But amazingly, Matt and his
fellow worker hiked for 29 hours, often in subfreezing
temperatures, until they reached a highway where a motorist
picked them up. One news magazine called it, "A Miracle
in the Snows of Montana" MORE: